Consciousness of Error

by Communal Violence

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Recording of the debut release took place during the second full band rehearsal.
To be released on 7" vinyl by Convulse Records (USA), Wooaaargh (DE), Drowning Polar Bears (RUS) and Destruktomuzik (USA); on cassecassttes by No Time Records (US).


released November 5, 2019

Smith, Sundell, Gludkowska, Lukashenok.

Recorded by us.
Mixed and mastered by Samuel Skoog.
Visual form by Johny Chang (thereisonlyparadise).


Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.



Communal Violence Sweden

Started in 2018 as a distance band from three cities in Sweden - Stockholm, Skövde and Uppsala.

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Track Name: Renegade
Let my subaltern speak.
Proclaim your avenge/what will be your revenge? Deconstruct, demolish the shape of life to come.
Track Name: Bonemeal
Your actions could never provoke a change. Stay in place, rot in the ground, the shame will decay and the pain will sustain.
Will you feel as they slit their throats?
Everything's falling apart according to plan. You can't see the blood, your mouth is so vile.
Convulsions of hopelessness - go back home, kiss your child, tell them stories how you survived.
Track Name: Born Evil
Pace the ground and collapse that picture. Scarcity is my middle name. I've destroyed so many faces I could never bring back. Our memory has failed us and we have failed ourselves:
we will never be enough, we silently behave.
Track Name: Sulcus Social Perception
The privilege of questioning my consciousness - being in the room or being in the world? Why don't you get out? What's your point? Trapped inside the void - dissociation is just a step forward. How has being mortal ever helped you?
Track Name: Purge
There's only so much blood running down my face. There is just so much tears running down your face. Principles based on conceptual perception.
I'll vomit blood and you'll be so flawless and full of shit. ...astounding. Fake it till you get used to it.
Track Name: Lowkey Dying
Gunshot. Reload. Take the frame off my wall. Scribe the dialogs for the next time we meet. Your voice sinks, the lungs can't breathe, tiresome gaze, the gunshot. What is it that I'll grow out of someday? ...looking right at you angel I feel like I'm about to throw up, analyze, predict the unknown, stress, eyes drip with anxiety, hesitation, reload, begin again/
Track Name: Kommunal Well-being
The absurdity of your fucking common wealth - what else is common to you?
Burn and build anew burn and build anew burn and build anew burn and build anew.
How much can your pure world take? Rationality? It ruins your probability statements.
= false false false;
Innate ideas? Knowledge? Opinions?
# a brain error has occured
= excile;
Track Name: Apostasy Concussion
Interrogated, what do I do with myself? Sensations overrun the sensible mind, ecclesian war to satisfy the needs, leave me right now or I will kill you. Kill or be eaten. Eat or be killed.
The preccursor of this nonsense - what's intuition? Where's the middle ground?
Acceptation. This is the veil. Do you really think I want to listen? I probably will just so you will be obliged hear me out.
Track Name: Opinions//Insights
Dreading the self imposed restrictions. Observations are your facts. You're always only a part of the bigger picture shaking when the voices go too far.
Sit down, relax, if you don’t see what I see it doesn’t exist. The electric chairs look welcoming. Constant iniquity serves us right.
Track Name: Mournhold
Take my rope cause I don't need it anymore, write a note that says it was what you wanted. I'll chew it and spit, adore the aftertaste.
Grow old grow young,
if everything you know is wrong how do you know it's not right? Promise it's the last time you turn out to be the ugly child, repulsive thoughts to match the sickened frame... I take no trust in listening, it doesn't mean much anyway, it's enough to remember that you came to me to cry.

Grow old, grow young, grow old, grow young.

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